In The Press

go_hwhLuncheon with editorsof Oprah Magazine,Self, Fitness and
InStyle magazine New York City.
ROSSLecture for the Ross School
Tennis Team,
East Hampton, N.Y.
left_about john_centerJohn Harrison and John Erickson at the Mind-Body Nutrition seminar New York City. about_left_pageGuest lecturer Fight Breast Cancer for Women at South Hampton High


core_dynamics_fairJohn Erickson
and Karen Kopelman.
essentials_spa_expoAnti-Aging Expo, Living Well Essential Spa,
Hauppauge, New York
john_erickson_core_dietsKaren Kopelman, Fit Fashionista


left_ists facing_addiction-triple-webJohn Erickson, Rachel Graham and Dr. Jonathan Aviv
Facing Addiction Charity Event


John Erickson and
Chef Michael Mossolino.
john_shop beyonce_diet


john_meal_right john_coreCore Dynamics Accelerated Fat Loss Seminar core_diets_right


john_left john_karen_centerKaren Kopelman, The Fit Fashionista. john_left_ist


about_expertsBridge Hampton Health Fair
sponsored by Banana Republic.
golden_gloves2008 Golden Gloves with Eric Davidson, Phil Filmore,
John Erickson and Al “smoke” Ferri.
right_showMichael Mossolino Show/Core Diets Instructional Seminar 2006.


jonnfats john_desk_one core_left


john_e_stand john-mom john_right