Burning Fat Has Never Tasted So Good

Burn body fat  Increase metabolism  Feel full   Enhance focus

  • Fat Loss Kit

    Learn how to create a Fat Loss meal anywhere you go. Whether home cooking, restaurant eating or supermarket shopping, you will learn life’s most important skill -which is eating!

    check_smRecipes For Fat Loss book for home-cooking with over 160 meals and snacks.
    check_smRestaurant Eating guide to stay committed to your eating plan while dining out.
    check_smSupermarket guide that shows you which name-brand food products, such as nutrition bars, protein powders, tomato sauce, are recommended on the Core Fat Loss plan.

  • Get Started Online

    Become an on-line member to receive a diet evaluation, print menu plans, access to fat loss recipes, view recommend food products, and get expert diet support directly from John Erickson, creator of the Core Fat Loss system.

    check_smFill out the diet evaluation form to get your current situation evaluated and John Erickson will help you get started right away.
    check_smPrint an easy-to-follow 5-day meal plan for fat loss.
    check_smView signature fat loss recipes that are simple, plentiful, and delicious.
    check_smAccess supermarket guide that shows you which name-brand food products.

  • 30 Day Fat Loss Program

    Start up consultation (over the phone)
    Core Fat Loss Kit (recipe book, restaurant guide, shopping guide).
    Nutritional Training Guide.
    Body fat analysis (can be estimated using two simple measurements).
    30 days on-going support, guidance, and progress monitoring.
    On-line access to recipes, resources, core exercises and more…
    Certificate of training (level 1). Must submit 3 day food journal and complete on-line test.


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