Growth Hormone

Growth hormone is called an anti-aging hormone because it does the best of everything: it promotes muscle building and fat breakdown. Growth hormone causes fat cells to break down fat which is released into the general circulation of the bloodstream. Muscle cells will simultaneously shift into a fat-burning state to metabolize this blood-borne fat. Growth hormone levels fluctuate throughout the day. Growth hormone levels rise during the first two hours of deep sleep and become elevated in response to strenuous exercise or physical stress.

Factors that suppress growth hormone:

bodybuilder_boxHigh carbohydrate meals/high insulin levels suppress growth hormone.

Factors that increase growth hormone:

bodybuilder_boxSmall peaks of growth hormone occur after high protein meals.
bodybuilder_boxGrowth hormone is released after exercise and at times during sleep.
bodybuilder_boxLow blood sugar triggers growth hormone secretion.
bodybuilder_boxGrowth hormone is released following any kind of physical trauma.


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