The Core Fat Loss plan works by stabilizing your blood chemistry and brain function. The ultimate goal is to burn fat, feel full, and enhance mental focus. The primary focus is on the amount of carbohydrates floating in your bloodstream. The truth is your body and brain cannot function optimally unless your blood-carbohydrate levels are stable.

Most people live their lives on an emotional roller coaster simply because they lack the technically know-how about eating. Simply eating “healthy” or “clean eating” is not the answer. Instead your goal should be balanced nutrition.

Does the Core Fat Loss plan involve supplements?
Although fish oil supplements are strongly recommended, the Core Fat Loss plan involves real food.

How much weight loss should I expect?
Depending on how much weight you have to lose, most people drop 3 to 5 pounds the first week do to the water loss alone. Thereafter, as a fat loss diet, a greater emphasis is places on how your clothes fit. Healthy weight loss, when you lost just fat and not muscle should only be 1 to 2 pounds per week. People who lose more usually gain the weight back, and then some.

There are 3 ways to follow the Core Fat Loss Plan: