Fashion and Fitness

Imagine how good it feels to wear a brand new pair of sneakers for the first time. Your state-of-mind becomes predicated on a pair of shoes and you’ll have a constant shoppers high that lasts all day.

Similarly, when you wear clothes you feel comfortable and confident in, you’ll most likely have a good day (or a good workout). The term “enclothed cognition” describes the influence clothes have on your psychological process.

study in 2012 showed that when regular people put on a doctors jacket, their cognitive abilities were enhanced (because the coat made them feel important). Likewise, the same thought process can be applied when people wear form-fitting fitness apparel.

Athletic gear giants like lulu lemon and Athleta are successful in making people feel like a ‘workout person.’ As a result, people feel better about themselves and workout more often. Positive attracts positive, like attracts like.

Clothes that make you feel comfortable and confident will make you comfortable and confident.

For example, I wear lulu lemon pants, not because of the price tag, but because the slim fit makes me appear taller. Like many, my goal is to become longer and leaner.

Its important to find a pair of sneakers that make you feel light on your feet. For me, I fell in love with “Hoka One One” sneakers because they are lightweight and as comfortable as walking on clouds.

Best of all, the thick cushiony sole adds another 1.4 inch to my height. I’m 5’7 in height and my Hokas allow me to list 5’8 on my online dating profile and get away with it. When I’m wearing my Hoka sneakers, I’m in my element.

Do you have any fashion-fitness secrets?