Lower Body

  • Front Step Ups

    Front Step Ups 1. Hold two dumbbells at your side and place one foot on a stepper or box. 2. Drive yourself up pressing off your front heel -do not cheat by hopping up with your rear foot. 3. Slowly come back down in a nice and controlled fashion. Try to keep most or all […]

  • Squat with Med Ball Push

    Hold the medicine ball above your chest and prepare to do a squat (your feet at least shoulder width apart and pointing straight forward). As you squat push the ball straight forward in a simultaneous fashion. Perform 15x

  • ABCD Med Ball Push

    ABCD Med Ball Push This exercise can be performed with a med ball, kettlebell or one dumbbell. Start by getting into the horse stance by settling your weight two inches below your belly button and feet should be at least shoulder width apart. Perform 5x around.

  • Bodyweight Squats

    Bodyweight Squats Stand feet shoulder width apart and pointing forward. Cross your arms across the chest and squat down. Try to go down to the point where your thighs are parallel to the floor. 5 POINT CHECKLIST 1. Chest up 2. Back straight 3. Hips in alignment 4. Knees straight. 5. Feet straight.