Burn Fat with Barley

Pearl barley is one of the best fat burning foods on record and we know this by experience. After you eat barley, you’ll be full for the next five hours. This is because barley has one of the lowest glycemic index on record. The glycemic index measures the rate by which carbohydrates break down and absorb into your bloodstream. The slower the absorption rate, the less insulin (the only known fat-storing hormone) will be created. Pearl barley can be found in the “international foods” aisle, next to the dried beans.

protein_box_new For the protein, have 3 ounces of cooked chicken, fish, pork, lean beef or shellfish.
carb_boxThe carbohydrate source would be ¾ cup cooked barley along with your choice of high-fiber vegetables, like asparagus, broccoli, spinach, yellows squash or zucchini.
fat_box The fat source can be one tablespoon of real butter (melt over the barley).

protein_box_new You can have any type of protein, such as a protein shake or two hard boiled eggs and have by itself.
carb_boxTo make barley salad, you can combine ¾ cup of cooked barley with diced peppers, onions, tomatoes and basil.
fat_box For the fat source, drizzle some balsamic vinaigrette dressing (made with olive oil) over the barley salad.

As far as soups go, beef-barley soup is great for fat loss and also has a favorable protein to carbohydrate ratio.