You’ll be able to download and print customizable 5-day menu plans for fat loss so you can start burning fat at your very next meal. There are two menu plans. The first is a phase I plan designed for accelerated fat loss and the second is a phase II maintenance plan for general health and fat loss.

    View the shopping guide to learn which brand-name products are approved for the CoreDiets plan. For example, there are many well-known protein powders, nutrition bars, soups, and frozen meals that can be incorporated into your life in practical ways, so you will not feel restricted.

    Access the Core Diets recipe database with over a hundred breakfast, lunches, dinners,and snacks to choose from. You can also view recipe videos, and get helpful tips unique to the CoreDiets system. Core Diet meals are easy to make, balanced appropriately, plentiful, and delicious.

    support_smSUPPORT & GUIDANCE
    Get support and guidance directly from John Erickson, creator of the CoreDiets Gram Counting system. John’s approach promotes self-sufficiency and gives you a chance at controlling your own outcomes in life through balanced nutrition. Core Dieters are unique in having the idea our internal chemistry is controlled by consuming the right combinations of protein, carbs, and fats.

    restaurant_eating_SM_gifRESTAURANT GUIDE
    You will feel empowered knowing what to eat in all situations, whether you’re eating at home or dining out. Since core meals are balanced with protein, carbohydrates, and fats, they look normal -nobody will even know you’re following the most powerful diet on the planet!

    join_bridgeCORE TRAINING
    Warm up, get strong, and burn fat with John Erickson’s revolutionary Core Training System. View exercise videos, download and print workout plans, get helpful tips, and more.

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