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The amount of weight you lose depends on how much weight you have to lose. A three to five pound drop on the scale, or more, is possible the first week. This is due to the initial water loss. Thereafter, the average fat loss is one to two pounds per week. Slow and steady fat loss is better in the long run because too much weight loss at once means you are losing water and muscle. To lose the most fat in the shortest time, follow the "SET" Principle.
CAN I MAKE FOOD SUBSTITUTIONS? If you do not like a particular food, have a food allergy or avoid certain foods because of a medical condition, then simply substitute what you can't eat with another food source from the same category. Always substitute protein for protein, carbs for carbs, and fat for fat.

DO YOU RECOMMEND FAT-BURNER PILLS? I do not recommend the use of “energizing” supplements that contain high amounts of caffeine and other stimulants. These substances throw your body into overdrive by pouring stress hormones out of your adrenal glands. The short term results will be overshadowed by the possibility of abuse, addiction, increased aging and an increased affinity for future fat storage.
I HAVE A DAMAGED METABOLISM, WILL THAT PREVENT ME FROM USING WEIGHT? A damaged metabolism can take time to repair, however the human body has an infinite capacity to heal itself. Continue eating a balanced diet and seek the help of a holistic doctor to get blood work to see if you have any food allergies or hormonal imbalances. - CAN I USE ENERGY DRINKS LIKE GATORADE? No. High carbohydrate drinks, gels or supplement powders can damage your blood sugar levels worse than if you ate nothing at all. Excessive carbohydrates (sugar) will cause an overproduction of the hormone insulin. Insulin is called “the spoon that feeds your body” since it directs both protein (amino acids) and sugar (glucose) into muscle cells. Packing muscle cells with carbohydrates deprives the brain of glucose. Once glucose enters a muscle cell, it cannot escape back into the general circulation. When this sugar is taken out of the bloodstream, it is taken away from your brain and central nervous system. Athletes refer to this as “bonking out” or “hitting a wall.” Neglecting the function of your nervous system during activity is extremely inefficient because your nerve cells are what drive the movement of your muscles in the first place. Emotional fatigue will precede physical fatigue. With a glycemic index of 95, the type of sugar found in sport drinks absorb almost as quickly as if someone was to drink pure glucose, which has a glycemic index of 100. High glycemic foods and drinks prior to an athletic event causes reduced sports performance as soon as a half an hour into the event. On the other hand, eating low glycemic meals prior to exercising increases stamina, promotes fat burning and therefore uses up muscle glycogen at a slower pace. High insulin levels will prevent the release of stored body fat. An important point to realize is that muscles do not store ATP, ATP is produced only as needed. At 9 calories per gram, fat provides an immediate a high octane fuel source for muscle cells. Fat is 50% more efficient at producing ATP compared to carbohydrate, and therefore provides a great source of immediate energy. Fat storage contains very little water making it easier for the body to carry around. The bulkiness of glycogen makes it a less practical means of storage when compared to the compact nature of fat because of its heaviness. For every one unit of carbohydrate that gets stored, the body requires 3 water units. The typical fat reserve contains enough energy to supply 119 hours of running whereas carbohydrate storage could only produce 1.6 hours of running. HOW STRICTLY SHOULD I PORTION MY FOOD? How strictly you follow the Core Fat Loss plan depends on many factors, including your goals, how you are progressing, your level of motivation and your health condition.  You should do your best to be strict and portion your meals to the best of your ability if you answer yes to any of the following: boxes_FAT_LOSSI am an elite athlete. boxes_FAT_LOSSI have a lot of weight to lose before I reach my goal weight. boxes_FAT_LOSSI am experiencing a weight loss plateau. boxes_FAT_LOSSIt is the summertime and I would like to look extra lean on the beach. boxes_FAT_LOSSI am currently suffering from chronic health condition.
IS THE CORE FAT LOSS PLAN A LOW CALORIE DIET? Yes, the Core Fat Loss plan is considered a low calorie diet compared to most other popular diets, yet people are frequently surprised of how much food they are allowed to eat. Reduced calorie diets have been shown to promote health, lower the risk of disease and extend life span. The Core Fat Loss plan proves t you can lower your calorie intake without depriving the body of its life energy force. Consuming the high quality foods recommended by the Core Fat Loss plan will play an extensive role in restoring your youth by rebuilding the structural integrity of your entire body. This will eventually translate into a healthier mind.
CAN THE CORE FAT LOSS PLAN REALLY REVERSE AGING? Through optimized nutrition, the Core Fat Loss plan can restore your youth by supporting better cell synthesis of life conducting molecules. The human body heals itself and nutrition provides the resources to accomplish the task.