How to Use a Foam Roller

One of the best ways to prevent tight muscles and to prepare your body for any sports activity is to foam roll your muscles.metabolic_Switch

Why use a foam roller?
Over time, muscle fibers bundle together and literally form “knots” that keep muscles tight and inhibit their range of motion. A foam roller will literally roll out these knots and cause your muscles to relax. In addition, when muscles contract, they literally slide under your skin and therefore, the underside of your skin must be slippery. What happens over time, is that your inner skin becomes stuck to your muscles, which inhibits movement, causes muscle imbalances, and limits range of motion.


To start, get into the positions shown in the photographs and slowly roll back-and-forth over your muscles as if you are rolling dough. When you locate a knot or “trigger point,” maintain constant pressure on the tender area for 30 seconds or so. You can run through body parts that feel smooth and bear no pain for daily maintenance and spend more time on tight muscles. The physical pain associated with breaking up muscle knots is necessary and will be reduced in time. A foam rolling routine can also be completed after a workout to prevent muscles from becoming tight.

Foam rolling pointers:

  • Slowly roll back and forth to locate the tender spots.
  • As you foam roll consciously relax your muscles.
  • Sustain pressure on painful spots for a minimum of 20-30 seconds.
  • Be creative with yourself -roll all parts of your body as you see fit.

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