How To Calculate Daily Calorie Requirements

Your daily calorie requirements are derived from your lean body mass, which is basically your total weight minus your fat pounds. The human body requires .5 to 1 gram of protein per pound of lean body mass, depending on your activity level. The more you exercise, the more protein you will need and the more total calories you are allowed to eat each day. Below is the formula utilized by CoreDiets to determine your daily calorie needs.




IMPORTANT: Low limits are set to maintain a healthy metabolism. For example, females should not eat fewer than 1100 calories per day and males should not consume any less than 1500 calories per day. Please note, all formulas used to measure calorie intake are based are approximations. Many things influence the amount of calories you need each day: stress, being sick, time of day, time of year, your state of mind, emotions, etc. Get to know your body by noticing how you feel versus what you ate during your last meal. As you begin to regulate your eating patterns, you will experience increased daily performance and a better state of mind. Although CoreDiets does not follow the calorie model as a theory, the calorie unit can be useful in quantifying the amount of food you consume over a given meal or over the course of a day, and the most important quality of a meal is the protein:carb:fat ratio.

boxes_FAT_LOSSIn men of normal weight, fat represents 15-22% of total body weight and in women of normal weight, fat is 20-25% of total weight.
boxes_FAT_LOSSAn ideal body fat percentage for men is less than 15% and less than 20% for a woman.
boxes_FAT_LOSSThe average American male has 25% body fat and the average American female has a 33% body fat.

How To Estimate Your Lean Body Mass

To determine your lean body mass, decide which of the five categories you fall into. If you are undecided between two different categories, simply choose a lean body mass value that is between the two. The margin of error is small, if you select the wrong grouping, the calorie calculation only be off by 100 calories.