Hormonal Nutrition


There’s a widespread crisis within the diet industry that’s going to force Americans to change the way they think about food. The most fundamental model on which our scientific view of nutrition is based has come into conflict with a new way of eating. For traditional American society, nutrition was essentially founded on the notion of calorie counting, an understanding of food which makes no distinction between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats. By contrast, CoreDiets is based on the idea that the types of calories you consume means everything.

CoreDiets™ is based on hormonal nutrition, the breakthrough science that makes a clear distinction between proteins, carbohydrates, and fats because the combination of the food you consume at each meal dictates and predicts the overall hormonal (chemical) state of the body. Your hormones are the traffic controllers of the body that dictate what nutrients (protein, carbs or fat) get burned, and which get stored. The correct way to shed body fat is to stabilize insulin levels, not restrict your calories.The human body will react much differently from eating one hundred calories of protein compared to eating one hundred calories of carbohydrates.  The hormonal effects of food are outlined as follows:

carb_box_newAs an immediate result of consuming carbohydrates the pancreas secretes insulin, a hormone that shifts your muscles into a carbohydrate burning mode, promotes fat storage and lowers blood sugar.
protein_box_newDietary protein directly stimulates the pancreas to secrete glucagon, a hormone that opposes the action of insulin by raising blood sugar levels and elevating the fat burning hormonal system.
fat_boxes_newFat causes releases the hormone CCK (cholecystokinin) to be released from the small intestines. CCK travels throughout the bloodstream and reaches the brain to provide a feeling of fullness, or satiety.

1869 Partially hydrogenated (trans) fat was invented.
1894 The US government’s nutrition guidelines were created.
1897 The first vitamin was identified.
1921 Scientists discovered the function of the hormone insulin.
1945 The structure of protein was fully understood.
1950 The concept of chemical neurotransmission was first accepted as truth.
1960-70’s Scientists discover prostaglandins, the elusive eicosanoid hormones made from fat.
1971 The Nobel Prize awarded for the discovery of cyclic AMP (cAMP).
1981 The concept of the Glycemic Index was first introduced.
1982 Nobel prize awarded for describing how aspirin works.
1995 Discovery of leptin, a hormone that regulates metabolic activity.
2014 CoreDiets™ hormonal nutrition becomes mainstream.

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