There are three main aspects to fitness. To define yourself as fit, you must first be functional or flexible. For example, most people have tight hips, stiff shoulders, lower back problems and knee issues that limit their freedom of motion, and as a result, they can not exercise properly or perform tasks of daily living.

The second aspect of exercise you must obtain is strength. Traditional strength training has many healthy benefits associated with age-reversal, bone strengthening, and incredible mood enhancing effects. Strength training reverses age by stimulating anti-aging hormones, stimulates brain function by increasing neurotransmitters such as norepinephrine, serotonin, dopamine. In addition, according to Wolff’s Law in Biophysics, weight bearing exercises increase bone strength.

The third component of a balanced exercise regime is to include cardiovascular training. To satisfy your cardiovascular needs, you should do strength training exercises in a circuit fashion, or do your cardiovascular exercises of your choice, such as running, aerobic classes, stair climbing or the elliptical machine.

Most men want more muscle and most women strive to be longer and leaner. In any case, you must workout they way you want to be. To grow muscle, you must do high weight and volume (sets and reps) when you exercise and on the other hand, to lengthen your body, you must perform lengthening exercises such as Pilates.

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