Expert Diet Coaching

By John Erickson

Expert diet coaching will hold you accountable to your weight loss goals. Basically, you get monitored in real time. All of your meals must be reported to your expert diet coach, John Erickson, and you also get unlimited support and guidance.

Expert diet coaching costs vary depending on the program you choose. The executive coaching service costs $150 for four weeks ($37.50 per week). Price includes the materials (Core Fat Loss kit) and start-up phone consultation. Other plans are available depending how much progress monitoring you need. Use the contact form below if you are interested in signing up or have any questions.

“I have eaten upon myself for way too long.
I have nothing left, but to change this song”

Author's imageJohn Erickson

boxes_FAT_LOSSBecome an expert in the fat burning process.
boxes_FAT_LOSSTake comfort in knowing most valuable skill in life.
boxes_FAT_LOSSLearn what to eat for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.
boxes_FAT_LOSSFind out how to organize your meals based on your personal eating schedule.
boxes_FAT_LOSSKnow what to order at your favorite restaurant.
boxes_FAT_LOSSGet on-going individual support and guidance.

boxes_FAT_LOSSStart up appointments are available at Core Dynamics Gym, located in the heart of the Hampton’s, Long Island.
boxes_FAT_LOSSIn-home consultations are available in Suffolk County and Eastern Long Island, New York. Additional fee required depending on location.


boxes_FAT_LOSSIncludes a 10-point evaluation -to assess where you are at and where we need to go.
boxes_FAT_LOSSTogether, we will discuss meal options that work for you based on your personal eating schedule.
boxes_FAT_LOSSYou will be sent the Triple Nutrition book which includes two 5-day meal plans, a shopping guide, recommended name-brand products, and food charts.
boxes_FAT_LOSS30 days of daily guidance and personalized support directly from John Erickson, creator of the Core Fat Loss plan.


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