Emotions can be as harmful as an unhealthy diet because they can be bottled up and stored in the organs of the body. Toxic emotions can come from a fight with a family member, loss of job and stress in general. Emotions are correlated with different organs of the body where emotional energy can become trapped. People who use terminology like “I had to vent my spleen,” or “I have a broken heart” may be speaking quite literally. Resentment is associated with the gall bladder, fear is associated with the kidneys and people in powerful positions including many politicians are prone to prostate trouble. This is because the animating force of life flows through the meridians of the body like a running hose, rejuvenating the organs with streams of life energy. Ancient bodywork techniques such as acupuncture, massage therapy and Reiki help free up this energy and help restore balance within the body. Blocked energy systems are frequently the cause of disease, but this energy is not obvious and often overlooked.