Circadian Diet

  • The Circadian Diet has more protein in the morning and a higher percentage of carbohydrates at night. The purpose is to eat in sync with the natural 24 hour circadian rhythm, which is a result of the earth spinning on its own axis. During this time, the human body oscillates between two major extremes, the waking state and the sleeping state. Protein drives the chemistry of the waking state and carbohydrates facilitate the relaxation response at night.

    Is the Circadian Diet right for you?
    circadian_box_checkI want to follow an ongoing weight loss plan that allows me room to
    have a treat every night.
    circadian_box_checkI find it hard to pay attention and remain attentive during the day.
    circadian_box_checkI am prone to depression, fatigue,  and “SAD” (seasonal affective disorder).
    circadian_box_checkI often travel across time zones and feel jet lagged.
    circadian_box_checkI have trouble sleeping at night.


    Download the Circadian Meal Plan

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