The Core Fat Loss plan is a lifestyle dedicated to food, fitness, and fashion. The goal is to feel good in your body, even if there’s no one around to impress.

Burn Excess Body Fat: The Core Fat Loss plan is designed for just that -to burn fat. It does so by controlling your blood-sugar and insulin levels. Everything can be explained scientifically and there is no magic to it.

Enhance Skin Tone: We believe balanced nutrition coupled with the right diet, supplements, and exercise-stimulated blood flow will work synergistically to make your skin look younger by the day. From the inside-out.

Improve Hair Quality: Is it possible to increase the quality and thickness of your hair with the right diet (aka lifestyle)? What if your entire body was controlled by a magic switch that can only be turned on with the right combination of food and fitness?

Raise Your Fitness Level: Core Training U is a fitness school to teach you the most basic exercises in proper form. The purpose is to increase flexibility, tone muscles, burn fat and to stimulate your anti-aging hormones. Beginners can stick to the basics and experienced users can perform the advanced techniques.

Become Your Own Nutritionist

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    Core Fat Loss meals and snacks are scientifically formulated to have a specific amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats. As most people count calories, the Core Fat Loss gram counting method provides you with a specific level of carbohydrates (as measured in grams) per meal. The goal is to control your carbohydrate intake 24 hours per day. As a result, your brain and central nervous system will receive a steady supply of its primary source of fuel, and your muscles will burn fat for energy.


There are 3 ways to follow CoreDiets™