• Butts Over Biceps

    Its a known fact, that after the age of 40, men care more about their butts and less about their biceps. Most people neglect their butts since butts are behind you and you need a double mirror to see it. Also, with the amount of sitting and driving people do, butt muscles are usually shut down for […]

  • Tight Hips = A Weak Butt

    Many people have tight hips, which shuts down the opposing muscle group, which happens to be the glutes or butt muscles in this case. To reverse the imbalance, you must first stretch your hips and strengthen your butt. The by-the-book sequence for correcting tight hips is the following 1. FOAM ROLL YOUR HIPS First you must […]

  • 5 Best Butt Exercises

    1. ONE LEG BENCH BRIDGE   The one leg bridge is an essential warm up technique designed to fire up your glutes START Sit on the floor and lean up against a bench with your arms spanning comfortably across the top, as show in the picture. Next, lift your left foot off the ground. ACTION As you […]

  • Bridge March

    Perform a bridge and remain in the up position. In a slow and controlled manner raise your right knee towards your chese while you keep your torso and hips as level as possible.

  • Metabolic Switch Training Book

    Warm up, get strong, and burn fat with the Metabolic Switch training system. Warm up drills are color-coded in red, strength training exercises are white, and fat-burning techniques have a blue theme. All three components must be combined into each workout to prevent injury, increase your metabolism, and to burn fat. Increase your metabolism, feel […]