• One Arm Row

    One Arm Row Kneel on the bench with your knee and place your arm on top of the bench. Hold the dumbbell in the free hand and maintain a strong back. Pull the dumbbell back perpendicularly towards your body. Keep your back straight and slightly arch your lower back.

  • Plank Row

    Get into the push up position while holding a dumbbell in each hand. Pull each dumbbell up one at a time. Bring the dumbbell all the way up so your elbows go as high as possible. Keep your torso as still as possible throughout the movement. To progress this exercise you can perform renegade rows by […]

  • TRX Row

    Grab the handles, walk forward until you are directly underneath the straps. Bridge up so your body is straight and start rowing. Pull your elbows all the way back.

  • Bent Over Row

    Bent Over Row Bend forward with your knees slightly bent. It is important to maintain a strong back. Therefore it is a good idea to perform this exercise sideways in a mirror to make sure you are performing the technique correctly. To find the proper pelvis position, point your butt out in the back as […]

  • Metabolic Switch Training Book

    Warm up, get strong, and burn fat with the Metabolic Switch training system. Warm up drills are color-coded in red, strength training exercises are white, and fat-burning techniques have a blue theme. All three components must be combined into each workout to prevent injury, increase your metabolism, and to burn fat. Increase your metabolism, feel […]