Are You SET?

sun_setYour fat burning ability has to do with how well  you SLEEP, how you EAT & how you TRAIN! 

Your fat burning ability has to do with 3 main things: How well you SLEEP, how you EAT and how you TRAIN! The SET principle serves as the foundation to you everything you do in life. Waking up feeling good in the morning, eating healthy and exercising daily holds the key to fat loss and anti-aging.

Establish regular sleeping patterns, preferably you should go to bed with the moon and wake up with the sun. Ideally, you should get to bed shortly after 10 pm and try to get an average 8 hours of sleep each night. A good night’s sleep is like spending the night in an aging chamber. Sleep rejuvenates your fat burning organs and enhances your emotional state of mind.

set_foodHOW YOU EAT
The food you ate yesterday becomes your body today. An even greater benefit of eating a properly balanced diet is the fact food controlls your DNA. In a recent study, a diet similar to CoreDiets™ was shown to positively effect DNA 24 hours after the meal. 1

1 New England Journal of Medicine; 368:1279-1290 April 4, 2013

set_exerciseHOW YOU TRAIN
Exercise regularly to amplify all the positive benefits of CoreDiets (body-fat-weight-loss, anti-aging, more energy and improved blood circulation). Warm up, get strong and burn fat with my Core Training methods to get optimal results.

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